Second Life™

is a 3-D virtual world, created by Linden Labs. Everything in the world (in-world) has been created by the residents of Second Life. Second Life has it's own currency, Linden Dollars (L$) which is traded on the Lindex exchange and virtual items, services, and land can all be purchased.

Second Life is not a game (like WoW orEve Online, etc.) in that there is no objective or goal to be reached. Instead Second Life is a social environment, allowing individuals, through their avatars (that's me below), to interact with each other and objects via text based or voice based chat. Additionally, Second Life has the ability to bring in certain content from FL/RL/PL (First Life / Real Life / Physical Life), primarily in the form of audio or video media. Currently you can not view web pages.


When joining Second Life you will need to pick a name, you can not use your own name and will be provided with a list of last names that you must choose from. You can pick any first name you like. My Avatars name is Robins Hermano.
Robins Hermano
Please think about this choice as this is how you will be known to me, your classmates, or others in Second Life. So avoid names that you might use in IM, like swimchick0683, in general leave numbers out of your first name. I have chosen to be a male, but you can choose to be any gender or a non-human, the choice is yours, and you can change avatar shapes at any time if desired.

Get an Account:

There are three steps to using Second Life: 1) Get an account, 2) download the software, and 3) go through an Orientation. Sign up for an account at Second Life (this will take you to the New Media Consortium sign-up page). Once you have created an account, you then need to download the Second Life software (referred to as the client) onto your computer. If Second Life is running slow you might want to try any of the 3-rd party open-source alternative viewers. I've used and tested the Imprudence Viewer, the Nicholaz Viewer, Nicholaz Edition just download it and run just like the standard Second Life viewer. After signing up for an account, please write down your avatar name, sometimes it's best to copy it and paste it into something like NotePad or Word since the spelling of certain names might be unusual. Also write down your password, and preferably change it via the Second Life site from the password e-mailed to you via the NMC orientation so that you can always remember the password.

Second Life and Mac Computers:

Second Life does run on MAC's but some of the commands are different. The primary difference is many things are right-clicked within Second Life. For example, to sit or to choose to teleport from an object. Since there is no left and right button on the MAC mouse, you may be wondering how to do these things. There is a great resource from the Second Life support knowledge base that discusses this in length and I am copying one of the tables from it below:

One-button Mouse

The standard Mac installation has a single-button mouse. For a typical Mac application - as well as when interacting with Mac OS X - a right-click is achieved in one of three ways:
  1. CTRL-click
  2. buy Apple's Mighty Mouse and configure it for two-button operation
  3. use any generic, USB 2-button mouse

WARNING! The Second Life client viewer handles mouse operations differently!
For the typical Mac app and in the OS, you use ...
  • SH-click to select a span of items
  • CMD-click to select/deselect items in a span/group
  • CTRL-click to right-click

In Second Life, you use ...
  • SH-click to select a span of items
  • CTRL-click to select/deselect items in a span/group
  • CMD-click to right-click

Our Second Life Home - Teaching 4, (67, 160, 22)


Click the link above (or the picture) to teleport directly to our spot in Second Life. This will open your Second Life viewer with a map, click teleport and you're there. This assumes you have already signed up for an account and downloaded the software using the links above.

There's a lot to do, and a lot to learn. So that you maximize your time in SL I've created a set of how-to videos for most of the things that will be necessary for you to learn click here to access them.

Getting Started: Step 1 Download Software, Register your Account:

There are several steps that need to be taken before you can successfully begin using Second Life for ACG2021. The links below will take you to instructional videos which show you how to complete the process of downloading the Second Life client, downloading Quicktime (if necessary), Logging on to NMC Orientation, and finally, going through NMC Orientation and finding our class in Second Life. Click the links below to view each of these videos.
  1. Downloading Second Life Client
  2. Downloading Quicktime Software (if not already on your computer)
  3. Logging on to NMC Orientation
  4. NMC Orientation

Step 2 Get to Teaching 4 (our class):

  1. From outside of Second Life, Click on this link, and then the Teleport button on the web page. This will open your SL Client and you will be at out classroom.
  2. From Inside Second Life (if you are not already there): Open the Map and Search for "Teaching 4", move the red circle over our class (middle left) and choose teleport.
  3. From Inside Second Life (if you've set your home to our class), press Ctrl-Shift-Home
  4. From Inside Second Life (from a landmark): Open your Inventory, go to your Landmarks Folder, find the Really Engaging Accounting landmark and double click it.

Step 3 Initial Arrival to Really Engaging Accounting:

  1. Read Welcome Note
  2. Keep Landmark (use this landmark to get back to REA see option#4 above).
  3. Register your Avatar, and your Twitter Account (if you have one). Just click the sign on the wall in my office, it looks like the picture below. You will be prompted to type in your NID, your Twitter Account (if you have one) and your e-mail address in that order, each seperated by a comma. You will type this information on channel 2021 so as an example of how to enter your information via chat would be:/2021 shornik,acg2021,
    Register your Avatar
  4. Join the class group (UCFCBA Accounting). Just click the sign above the Register sign on the same wall in the office, it looks like this:
    Join our Group

Step 4 Orientation:

When you first arrive on Second Life there will be cubes placed around various objects and locations that are information cubes that look like the one below.
info cube
Simply touch them (in Second Life touch means click) and the object will chat some pretty important stuff that you will need to know.

  1. Office - the office is where you will need to go to register your avatar, NID, Twitter account and email. It is also where you can go to view the class calendar, page myself or TerriBerry if you have a question and we are online, utilize a small group study area or meet me during my SL office hours.
  2. Lecture Viewing Areas - There are 3 of these set up in our class. You can watch the PPT lectures from any of them, and I highly encourage you to view those lectures in a small group. Take advantage of learning in small group and utilize the functionality of the SL platform which enables you to chat during the lecture, send IM's and copy the transactipt of your discussions for review later. It really is a much better to watch the lectures compared to viewing them alone.
  3. 3-D Accounting Equation - this is what you wil be using for your 1st 4 SL assignments. Make sure you understand how to chat with the model as well as how to create and submit notecards. Please be aware that in addtion to the HW the model was developed to help you understand how debits and credits affect the accounting equation. This is the most important concept of financial accounting so play with the model until you feel comfortable with how debits and credits are used to adjust the equation.
  4. T-Account - this is what you will use for the last SL homework assignment. As you will learn we utilize T-Accounts quite a lot in this class, so play with this tool until you understand the concepts both before and after the HW assignment.
  5. Roof - Right now I have clothes here for your shopping pleasure, but don't worry it's all free.
  6. Annex - This is a secondary location for our class on Teaching 4, in which you can find the T-Account and 3-D Accounitng Equation. It often is less crowded when HW is due so you might try to find it.